Friday, October 5, 2012

Learn to Play an Instrument

Question: Why learn to play an instrument?
Answer: The experience will make you a healthier, happier, and stronger person!
The choice was easily made by many musicians! They heard it calling them through the music that they listened to, saw themselves performing, then became educated about it. These results have ranged from fantastic, to noises that most people would consider to be intolerable. Others were forced into it during childhood, then learned to love, hate, or disregard it completely.
Unfortunately, there have been many who are unwilling to try, due to lack of confidence, previous experiences, responsibilities, or commitments. Several justifiable or lame excuses may have taken them away from treasuring the true, joyful, experiences that music can bring into their lives. Pretending to be a musician on various games, has become an unhealthy substitute, to many people. Learning to play an instrument has become an obstacle, rather than a release, for so many.
If you choose to learn to play an instrument (which I hope you do!), please allow me to forward some advice:
1. Learn to identify instruments while listening to music that you appreciate. This will give you an inclination of which instrument you should choose to play.
2. Take lessons. Make becoming a musician easier, by learning from those who can be trusted and know how to teach. There are many, great online lesson downloads to be taken. You will have the advantage of taking them as often as you wish, whenever you choose.
3. Do not give up, but don't rush!! Be courageous during the learning curve, and remember that you are capable of anything, if you try with enough effort.
You deserve to learn to play an instrument, regardless of who you are, and where you are!

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