Friday, October 19, 2012

Basic Elements of Resume Writing

Writing a resume seems to be a tough and challenging task. In a few pages it's not possible to pen down your entire life but yet you have to smartly put your life down on papers in a brief yet explanative way to create an effective resume. This short document is significant as it is one key that will open many doors for you to an exciting career.
Every one of you wishes to own the master key to your career. The only way is to write an effective resume that will draw the attention of an employer in no time. Here are some of the basic elements of resume writing that will help you accomplish the basic objective or purpose of a resume:
Clarity is the first element influencing resume writing. It is very important to mention your personal, professional, and educational summary in clear words that is easy for all to understand. Don't try to use heavy and misleading words that the employers have to guess. Be as simple as you can and straightforward as well in your language as well as in your approach.
Clarity also includes a clear structure and simple design of a resume. Don't try to make your resume decorative with flowery outlines, artistic fonts, and designer border. Keep it simple and plain in all its form.
Content is the second most significant element that caters to the style and format of content you use in your resume. It defines the way you combine your skills, how you highlight your capabilities, and how well you formulate the content.
Ensure that you mention your past work experience in a chronological order with a clear description of your job responsibilities listed in bullet points. Also make sure that the content is completely free from errors including spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and typographical errors. It should be well-written and well-structured with all the relevant information.
Character includes a short description of your overall personality. Before hiring a person, employers always tries to know what kind of person you are. In a sub-category of your resume or in a highlighted mode, mention your key strengths and some significant aspects of your inner personality. Clearly mention whether you are optimistic, determined, proactive, reliable, dependable, and results-oriented. These qualities make a good impression and you are likely to be considered for an interview.
Competency is very important in the competitive job market. It is very important to showcase the employer how competent and capable you are among the entire bunch of candidates who have sent across their resumes. In words you have to highlight all your accomplishments. Ensure that the entire list of job related responsibilities and educational qualifications are highlighted. Make your credentials and achievements are clearly visualized by the prospective employer in just one glance.
Cohesion or consistency is equally important while creating a resume. All the information should be pulled together on a piece of paper in one consistent form. Use one common font that is easy to read and understand with bold headlines in the same font. Don't mingle up the words to scatter the summary in an unorganized way.
Create a structure or an outline and then fill in the categories and sub-categories. If using bullet points to list your qualifications, don't use numbering to list your skills and talents. Whatever format, whatever structure you decide to use, make sure that it is consistent throughout without any pitfalls in between.

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