Friday, August 31, 2012

Wouldn't it Be Easier to Lead the Horse Back Up the Mountain?

When marketing online, some people just work really hard trying to promote their business or product, and wonder why, after months or years go by, they have not amassed a fortune as they thought they should have. I recently went to a equine exposition, sat in on a horse rescue discussion and listened to a first responder speak of one of her rescues that may fit what most marketers should not do.
She began by telling of a mishap a rider had, stumbling over the edge of a ravine, to the bottom of a small, but rather steep climb. Luckily the horse and rider made it to the bottom unscathed, and 911 was notified and several fire and rescue trucks, law enforcement, horse rescue and several spectator arrived to watch the horse be brought back up the ravine.
For hours, their was discussion after discussion, idea after idea passed around the group of first responders, trying to develop the best way to retrieve the stricken animal from its predicament. Many professionally trained career rescue personnel shared their best plan A, then Plan B. Additional crane trucks were summoned to the scene, and more men. An elaborate plan was underway several hours after the fall to bring the horse back to the top of the ravine. As they prepared their equipment and everyone took their positions, a little girl approached the lead responder and asked if she may help. The chief looked down at her, much to busy at this point to bother with an eight year old, but did not wish to upset her, so he asked, " Sweetheart, we have all these trained, experienced fireman, crane operators, medics, and horse rescue people. How could you possibly help?"
"Sir, wouldn't be easier just to lead the horse back up the access road to the top of the mountain?" She replied
Sometimes the obvious route to the top of any online business endeavor, eludes even the most savvy and professional of marketer or business leader. When blasting your business out to the world, and shouting, Hey I have the best product, check it out, make a fortune, retire in 10 years, all you need is to fill a bazillion spots in a matrix, and your rich simply by spending a small investment of $5 dollars to get started, really does not work to build a business, anywhere.
To become successful, you have to build a presence, branding yourself to attract people to look at what you are involved in, and promoting. With all of the competition everywhere on and off the internet, and all of the opportunities available to participate in, you have to STAND OUT! You have to focus on the obvious solutions and learning the systems to propel your personal success, so that you may lead those that follow, who are less experienced and do not see the same paths to success. You have to map out the simplest paths to accomplish the goal of financial prosperity for yourself, and help others that wish to succeed as well. You have to find a successful education and marketing platform that will provide you the skill set to become a successful entrepreneur in the shortest and most efficient time frame as possible with the least amount of pittfalls. You have to develop a mindset of success and be able to commit to your plan of action with the least amount of resistance and with the greatest ease possible.
Do not mistake this, there will be obstacles along the way, but why not find the least path of resistance to begin. The little girl made an observation in that equine rescue, that eluded all of the first responders but had they actually taken the time to observe, to analyze, to investigate, they would have seen the obvious solution that was the easiest to achieve the successful rescue of the horse, and implement it with little resistance and a minimal of obstacles along the way.
You have to do the same when investigating any business opportunity or system that you may become involved with to create the easiest path to the top of the mountain.

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